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Classroom Setup 2005-2006

My husband and I moved from Florida to Georgia at the beginning of June. I have been spending the summer trying to find my way around, unpacking boxes, and getting ready for the new school year. This year now marks my fourth year of teaching and also my fourth classroom. Yes, that's right, I have never stayed in the same classroom for more than a year. Thus, I have become my own master of organization, packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up a new classroom. :o)

This year I will be teaching at F.D. Johnston Elementary School in Woodstock, Georgia. I moved boxes into my classroom during the first week of June and am now in the process of unpacking and organizing.

Here are some pictures of my classroom this year.

kindergarten classroom setup

Teachers have a lot of stuff. Amen? It's all piled here in the corner of the room. Not all of it is mine (but most of it is). :o)

kindergarten classroom setup

Where do I begin?

kindergarten classroom setup

I have to sort through all of those things on the shelves (left by the previous teacher). When I am done, I am going to put my book baskets on the shelves and use the top to store some of my thematic unit boxes.

kindergarten reading tent

A window! That is where I am going to put my desk. :o)

kindergarten book baskets

There are alot of scary things lurking in those cabinets. I filled six 35 gallon trash bags full of "stuff" to throw out.

My desk is in the corner by the window and I've set up my student tables in an L shape. The tables are now hosting all of my boxes and items that do not yet have a home.

I am running out of room!

Everything is now neat and organized! My theme boxes are stored on the top shelf. My paper, paint, and science supplies are stored on the second shelf. The art supplies are in the drawer bins.

My book baskets are now neatly organized on the shelves. This classroom has almost no hidden storage so it looks a bit cramped!

Here is my word wall, behavior chart, and pocket chart. The pocket chart will be used to display thematic vocabulary.

I use large storage containers to hold my big books. They work great and are very durable!