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The Kissing Hand Unit

The Kissing Hand Unit

The Kissing Hand
The Kissing Hand
by Audrey Penn
Illustrated by Ruth M. Harper and Nancy M. Leak

Shared Reading

Before Reading:
  • Ask the children what animals they see on the front and back covers of the book.
  • Discuss what time of day the story shows.
During Reading:
  • Throughout the story, ask the children if they like to do some of the same things Chester likes to do and if they felt the same way Chester did about coming to school.
  • Assign each character a movement (ex. for Chester, make a mask out of hands). Everytime you mention the character in the book, have the children make the movement.
  • Dramatize with masks or puppets.
  • Read the sequel, Pocket Full of Kisses by Audrey Penn.

Literacy Activities

Raccoon Puppet: After reading the story, the children make a raccoon puppet. I got this raccoon puppet blackline master from Teacher's Friend Alphabet Puppets and More.

Raccoon Puppet

Kissing Hand Necklace: While the children are working on their puppets, I call them over to my table and trace their hands onto construction paper. Throughout the day, I cut out the hands, punch a hole, and attach yarn to make a necklace. I let the children put a "kiss" (a heart shaped sticker) in the middle and they wear it for the rest of the day.

Kissing Hand Necklace


Shared Writing:
  • On a predictable chart, write this sentence frame: "___ came to school and felt ___." Fill in the predictable chart with your childrens' names and how they feel/felt on the first day of school.
  • Brainstorm a list of feelings for the first day of school (ex. happy, sad, excited, etc.).

Songs and Poems

Raccoon, Raccoon
(from Pam Miller @ Teachers.net)

Raccoon, raccoon, (fingers around eyes like a mask)
Up in a tree, (hands raised high)
Raccoon, raccoon, (fingers around eyes like a mask)
You can't see me! (cover eyes)
Raccoon, raccoon, (fingers around eyes like a mask)
I can see you, (one hand on eyes, one pointing)
Eating fish and corn, (pretend to eat)
And birds' eggs too. (pretend to eat)
Raccoon, raccoon, (fingers around eyes like a mask)
Hunting at night, (hands shade eyes and squint)
Raccoon, raccoon, (fingers around eyes like a mask)
Sleeps in daylight. (sleeping motion)

The Kiss Goes On
(from Mrs. Anderson)

Here's a special trick I know,
When I'm sad and scared to go,
Take my hand and kiss it here,
The kiss from you, I will hold dear.
Down my hand and up my arm,
Into my heart, the kiss goes on.

(Tune: Kookaburra)

Raccoon sleeps in a hollow tree,
While the sun shines on you and me.
Sleep, raccoon,
Sleep, raccoon,
Warm and cozily.
In the darkest part of night,
Raccoon has the best eyesight.
Look, raccoon,
Look, raccoon,
My, your eyes are bright.
Raccoon hardly makes a sound,
When he prowls all around.
Hunt, raccoon,
Hung, raccoon,
Find food on the ground.

Special Activities

Kissing Hand cookies: This is a popular idea to use for this book. I've seen this idea in many varieties used by many teachers. Make cookies using a hand cookie cutter. Put a kiss in the middle. I do this at home before the first day of school. If you want to do this with your children at school on the first day of school, make sure you are very organized!

Making Cookies
This is my wonderful husband making our kissing hand cookies.
Every year I am a little crazy on the night before the first day of school, trying to make
sure I have my plans ready and everything is perfect, so it has become tradition, that
he makes the cookies. He is so helpful. :o)
Hand Cookie Cutter
I got this cookie cutter at Michaels Arts and Craft store for $0.99.
Here are some finished cookies. We used striped kisses for middle. Yum!

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