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Canada Unit

Canada Unit

Canada Unit

Resources for Canada Unit

Getting Started


A great way to begin a unit on a different country or place is to pretend you are actually traveling there. My students really enjoy pretending and preparing to take a plane trip to our new destination and the pretending gets them excited and involved in the study.

Travel Guide

Before beginning our unit, I put together tour guides for my students to use throughout our studies. The tour book contains information and references for our unit such as maps, reading/coloring pages, and activities. Some of the pages I use in my tourbook are from various resources and cannot be offered for copyright reasons, but here are some resources that you can download and print to make your own tour book. Customize your tour book to contain the information you will cover in your studies.

Making Suitcases

The suitcases can be made several different ways. The way I have found is easiest is to take 2 sheets of large (12x18) construction paper and staple them together on 3 sides forming a pocket. After stapling, cut a handle into the top of the pocket. You can have the children decorate their suitcases any way you would like.

Plane Tickets

At the beginning of our unit, we pretend we are going on a plane to visit Canada. The children take their suitcases and we pretend we are getting on a plane. They hand me a paper ticket before boarding. Once on the plane (seated at their chairs on the carpet, lined up like the rows of an airplane), I wear an apron and serve the children their choice of peanuts or pretzels.

Plane Ride

During the "plane ride" to Canada, do an activity while you wait for arrival. Check out a video with scenic pictures of Canada from your local library. Most libraries allow you to check out videos and there are usually many travel videos for around the world. Play one about Canada while your students are snacking and waiting to "arrive". :o) If you can't find a video, read an "in flight" story or look at a picture book about Canada with your children. A great site for free online videos is Canada.com. Here is a link to the Travel video section of the site. Under "Categories", choose "Travel - Canada" for over 100 videos of places to see in Canada. Click here for the link.

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Make a Canadian Flag

Making a Canadian Flag from construction paper is easy. You need one sheet of red paper and a half sheet of white paper for each student. Have your students glue the half sheet to the middle of the red sheet of paper. Add a maple leaf. Here is a pattern for a maple leaf below.

Canadian Flag
Moose Paper Bag Puppet

I found this activity on the First School website. It is really cute. Click here for the directions and below for the patterns.

Canadian Concentration Game

This activity was made on the DLTK kids website. They have a tool on their site that allows you to make customizable games such as BINGO, Concentration, and Dominoes. The cards below are for a concentration game and are saved as .pdf files.

Soapstone Carvings

The Inuit people of Canada are famous for their carvings in a soft gray rock called soapstone. Have your students make mock carvings from bars of soap or clay.

French Canadian Counting Book

Click the link below to download a French counting book displaying pictures of Canadian symbols.

Sample Sequence for Unit

This sequence is a very simplified outline of what a unit on Canada might look like. This unit can be made much smaller or very much larger depending on how much time you'd like to spend on it.

  • Find Canada on a world map.
  • Read a book of Canada facts.
  • Tell children about the "trip" they will be taking to Canada.
Take a Trip!
  • Begin adventure by embarking on a plane flight. Use a book or video as "scenery" for the flight.
  • Students write a postcard from their trip to Canada.
Geography - The Lay of the Land
  • Discuss provinces.
  • Color and label a map of Canada's provinces.
Canadian Animals
  • Read a book about Arctic animals.
  • Have each child write a sentence and draw a picture of their favorite animal. Assemble a class book called "Canadian Animals".
Mama Do You Love Me? Literature Connection
  • Discuss Inuit people.
  • Make a soapstone carving.
  • Click here for a teacher's guide for the book Mama Do You Love Me?
Canada's Flag
  • Make a Canadian Flag or a Canadian Flag windsock.
  • Writing prompt: The Canadian flag is like the American flag because ______. The Canadian flag is different than the American flag because ______.
Count Your Way through Canada
  • Students write two things they learned about Canada.


Canadian Snow Cones

Make snow cones by blending ice in a blender and adding flavoring. Traditionally, Canadians use maple syrup to flavor their treats, but you can use any flavor.

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