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Fall Unit

Fall Unit


Resources for Fall Unit

Literacy Activities

Leaf Art Project: Click below to download the leaf art project.

Fall leaf art

Scarecrow Art Project: Click below to download the scarecrow art project.

Scarecrow Poem: Click below to download the scarecrow poem.

Candy Corn Art Project: Click below to download the candy corn art project.

Candy Corn Center Activities: These center activities were shared by Trudy from ToddlerVillage. The activities include number matching puzzles, letter matching puzzles, and a color word game. Click below to download and print the center activities.

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Math and Science Activities

Leaf Sorting: During our Fall unit, we learn about the scientific classifications of leaves by shape. We discuss the vocabulary used to describe leaf shapes (lobed, toothed, smooth, etc.). Here are some suggestions for sorting:

  • Colors of leaves (red, yellow, green, etc.)
  • Shapes of leaves (lobed, toothed, smooth, etc.)
  • Size of leaves (big, medium, small)
  • Type of tree (oak, maple, pine, etc.)
Leaf sorting

Theme Wall

I got the idea of having a "theme wall" from KinderKorner. When I adopted the theme wall idea, I was a teacher in Florida where we did not have any change of seasons. I liked the theme wall idea because it let us have a "window" in our classroom that was appropriate to the season. I wanted to give my students the idea of what looking out the window in a northern state would be like. My students love our theme wall because they are involved in creating it. Our theme wall is a large area of space that is covered with blue fabric and bordered around the edge. I cut large sheets of green construction paper to make ground and green and brown construction paper to make a tree. This theme wall stays up all year. We "watch" the leaves turn to autumn colors, fall off the tree in winter, and grow back in spring.

  • Fall Theme Wall: Our theme wall for fall makes the transition from our back to school, transportation, and apple harvest theme. We take down the school bus and apples and leaves from the tree. We add watercolored fall leaves, scarecrows, turkeys, etc. Here are two pictures from our fall theme wall (more will be added soon).
Watercolor leaves
Here is a picture of our watercolor leaves drying. After the leaves are dry,
the children cut them out and we put them on our theme wall.
Fall theme wall
We added our watercolor leaves to the tree and to the ground. I also added our TLC scarecrows.

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